Reduce 15%
If the taxable gain from the sale of property is less than the 15% withholding, we will file application to reduce withholding amount. Title company must escrow funds which later get refunded to the seller avoiding lengthy IRS refund process. Filing must be done prior to closing. We will coordinate with your realtor, title company and tax professional, if applicable to make for a smooth transition.
Acceptance Agent/ITIN
We are Acceptance Agents & can assist with ITIN applications & certify documents to avoid trip to IRS or mailing in original birth certificates, passports, etc. It can all be done in about 15 minutes in our offices - even via virtual call.
Tax Planning & Preparation We can assist with tax planning to maximize deductions & minimize tax & make for smooth filing process. We will prepare tax returns to report sale & take further deductions allowed on tax filing.